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Daniel is dedicated to sharing his love of music with students of all ages. Through his work in San Francisco Unified School District and the Community Music Center, he's subverting the increasing privatization of music education. In his personal life, Daniel continues to bear witness to the wonders of the earth while striving to speak his truth, breathe deeply and effect positive change. 

I wrote this song as I was falling in love at the same time the band was in Athens, Greece, watching the aftermath of the financial collapse of 2009. I believe what will carry us through these times as we create our way to more inventive and benign economic structures is the supernatural power of love. 

One of the worlds most healthiest herbs, Farmer Ben grew this variety out on the rooftop which took 18 months before the seed was mature. It is a Pione variety that was originally sourced from Territorial Seeds in 2015.     


Best success comes from sowing the seeds in 1" cell containers covering with 1/4” of soil. Seeds take at least 3 weeks to germinate.To direct seed you sow the seeds in spring after the danger of frost has passed, about 1/4- 1/2" deep, 3 seeds per inch in single rows or 2-3" wide bands 12-18" apart. Thin plants to 8-12" apart. 

For a prolonged abundant harvest you can cut stem by stem or harvest the whole plant 3-4” above soil level and the center will grow back again 2-3 times before it will go to flower. Flower stalks work well as a filler for cut flowers as well as provide amazing habitat for bees and other pollinators and beneficial insects.

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